Example #1 Of Why I Am Thankful To Be Done With Dating

Back when I was in college I decided to do this thing where I would just agree to a date with anyone. I didn’t really know what I liked or even who I was so who was I to judge anyone without at least having a real conversation with them?

One morning, this incredibly handsome guy bumped into me outside of the library, spilling my coffee to the ground. At which point I looked down and whispered “I’ll miss you.” as tears proceeded to roll down my face. This is not a joke. “I’m so sorry. Wait, did you just talk to your coffee? Oh my god, you’re crying. I am so sorry.” He rambled all at once. “It’s fine, I’m sorry for the crying thing…my eyes just…kinda…leak,” I said. It was true. They did. They still do. “It’s just so early and I am SO not in my bed.”

He smiled at me and offered to get me another coffee. This is coffee we are talking about so of course I let him. He even got me a larger size for the inconvenience. I’m pretty sure he only did ¬†any of this since we were mere steps from the coffee shop inside of the library, but that is beside the point. I met a guy. At the library. And he bought me coffee. And in a building surrounded by books, he asked me out to dinner while I stared at his cheekbones.
So fast forward to the night that we actually go out. He took me out to eat and while I don’t remember where we ate or what we ordered, I remember that the restaurant was really nice and that I had never been there and I am pretty sure that I never went there again. Give me a break, it was a long time ago. We talked about our classes, how much he missed his dog that had to stay back home with his parents, fairly typical stuff. And then I asked him.
“So what kind of books do you like?”
“I don’t,” he answered quickly and with a smirk.
“I just don’t really enjoy reading. I try to avoid it at all costs. It’s so boring.”
“Didn’t you say that you’re a History major? Isn’t reading something you kind of HAVE to do?”
“Well that doesn’t mean I like it. I’m not going to be one of those nerds who takes a book with me everywhere that I go.”
I pulled a copy of Jane Eyre out of my purse, stood up, and left. That’s the only time I have ever just walked out halfway through a date and looking back I kind of feel like I should at least have given him the courtesy of finishing dinner. I never saw him again and that’s fine with me. What isn’t fine with me is that my need to defend books led to me eating a granola bar while I walked to a friend’s dorm in the rain.